No cost health care

Ns1ghter will be offering unlimited access to their U.S. board certified doctors to anyone, free of charge.  

Our goal is to remove barriers, which prevent patients from understanding their health, and apply machine learning to promote efficiency and insights for better patient care.

Ns1ghter’s platform is comprised of...

Unlimited messaging and video visits with an Ns1ghter provider.

Case reviews for second opinions by our expert medical panel.

Machine learning platform that delivers insights directly to patients on their health as well as facilitates the patient-physician relationship.

It starts by understanding what is important to you.

From this, we build a profile and creates your unique plan to maximize what you seek to gain from health care. 

With your permission and using best-in-class security, Ns1ghter’s platform aggregates your genetic, medical, behavioral, and digital signals and applies machine learning to deliver insights on your health.  

Coupled with our medical service, Ns1ghter delivers an unprecedented level of personalized medicine and a plan of care that is optimized to you as an individual.  

Ns1ghter wants to manage your greatest asset: your health.