Want to work with us?  Ns1ghter is growing at an incredible pace. Currently, we have 22M+ million addressable members and are projected to hit 100M+ by 2018. Ns1ghter is scaling our core services to support this growth and we are seeking to expand our team with individuals that have the skills to do so.  We are looking for people who think BIG and are not afraid to take risks.

We are interested in medical providers, computer scientists, and visionaries who feel they can contribute to the challenge of providing no cost healthcare. Ns1ghter offers its team members the ability to use their skills to revolutionize healthcare while being rewarded for their contribution.  

Head Of People

You guard our culture, values, and company history.  You find and cultivate talented individuals; providing the right environment to turn them into a team.

VP of Engineering

You understand how to build teams, systems, and a great engineering culture. You're data driven and know when to use IQ and when EQ is required. People love working for you because you bring out the best in them.

BackEnd Engineers

You understand that the best system is the one that works for the customer at a given time. You take a pragmatic approach to building your system and understand that a system built for 50M users might not work for 100M users. 

FrontEnd Engineers

You can build any frontend for any system. You have a solid understanding of computer science to articulate the benefits between any language. 

Security Engineers

You hacked in your former life (we don't judge you one bit). You can reverse engineer a system from a job description. 


You understand what it takes to maintain 5 nine system. You have no problem going into the Kernel to squeeze out that extra cycle.

Great people: We can find you a role

Want to work with Ns1ghter?  Can't find the "perfect match"? We are always interested in meeting artists, chess masters, hackers, biologists, mathematicians, economists, and innovators who feel they can contribute to the challenge of no cost healthcare.  


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