Who we are

Ns1ghter is reengineering the way patients and providers engage with healthcare. We're the only company (that we know of) that's offering our solution for no cost to any consumer world-wide. That's right: we don't charge the member, companies, or insurance companies. Why? We think it's silly to spend 40 cents trying to recoup 100 cents, so we don't do it. Not to mention that the current system doesn't actually work.


how it works


Access to Providers

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Ns1ghter provides members real-time messaging with real medical providers.  Members can chat through our messaging platform and can also make appointments for live video consultations. Our platform is offered at no cost, no insurance needed, no bills, just access to care.


Member Communities

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Sharing in the collective health experience is an important part of a person’s health.  Our communities are a place where members can discuss common interests, share experiences, provide emotional support from one another, and learn on how we cope with day-to-day health situations.


Smart Content


72% of internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year.  The internet has a lot of content, but it's not always right for you.  Ns1ghter matches validated content to our members concerns and interests.  Content is delivered directly to your personalized timeline for you to review, save, even share with your communities or discuss with a medical provider.