Currently, Ns1ghter is onboarding its 22.5 million global members through our existing channel partners. Our goal is to
increase the pre-signup reach to 100M by mid 2018 with 40% of the initial pre-signup batch signed up by end of 2017. In our
next phase of development, facilitated by the token sale, Ns1ghter intends to rebuild all existing products and services on Ns1ghter Ecosystem for scale and build new products and services asked for by members.

The Ns1ghter ecosystem and its decentralized applications allow for an incentivized, secure, and reliable collaboration of data between stakeholders (most importantly the patient) in the health delivery process. Incentivization allows for a shift from engaging in health only when sick to health maintenance to the eventual goal of personalization and optimization of one's health.  Our blockchain protocol will allow for great interoperability and opportunity for third  parties to innovate moving forward.  Below is our product roadmap, where we have been and where we intend to take Ns1ghter over the next few years.

We are excited for members of the cryptocurrency community to join us.